Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today Was ....

Ehem..hi everyone. Today, I went to KSL City in Johor Bahru with my dearest fiance for window shopping..window je oke?Intai² la konon nak sopan sikit kan. Actually we went there because we want to try this grill and steamboat restaurant so called the Seoul Garden. The price quite okay (rm25.50 per person and plus we went here for student meal) and the food was superb.. I mean the 'lauk²' and my favourite was black pepper meat...Still can feel the taste until now (while I'm writing this in my blog). The price quite expensive if you're planning to eat here on weekend and that depends on when you would like to have your meal here. Click here for more info, oke?SoulGardenMalaysia . Next, we went for a movie. We watched Thor 3D and the movie was worth it. Best wooo.

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