Wednesday, October 20, 2010

he loves me he loves me not

it's almost 3am..cannot sleep..and i don't know why.
and I'm thinking about this guy..wondering how is he doing right now..
wondering if he ever thinks about me..wondering what he ate today..
should i give him a call?*yes,call him*..i dialed his number..

toot..toot..toot..toot..please pick up the phone..
girl:ermmm..hello..*nervous*hey,it's me..
guy: who's there?
girl: it's me, XXXX..your classmate.
guy:so..what's up XXXX?
girl: nothing.*a long pause*
guy:what do you mean nothing?it must be something you wanted to say..
and it is 3 in the morning..
girl:*shooott..what should i say to him? I'm speechless and suddenly I said* I left my revision notes on your desk yesterday.Do you mind if you keep it for me?
guy: did you get my number?
girl: *do you have to ask me this question?* from a friend of yours.why? offend, but i really want to know who gave you my number because i really don't like to receive calls from girls.
girl: oh I see. it's kinda important, you know? i left my thing on your desk and I'm afraid if someone might take it.
guy: alright,then. see you in class.

*click* he hang up.

oh shooot.. I have to wake up early and get in the class before he comes. I have to put my revision notes *that i used as an excuse to call him just now..'clever' me, I guess* on his desk. so, I must go to sleep now or else I won't be able to do that later.

so comes the morning

okay..I went to school as early as I could get..and I didn't have my breakfast today..just because of him..*sigh* I went to my class and wait until no one could see me walking into the class and of course, I put my notes on his desk.pretending that I left my notes on his desk..haha..I know he always come earlier than me and he was on duty sweeping the class floor today.ugh..can you imagine that?a hot-cute guy sweeps the floor..waaa,sexy I really hope that he would see my notes.heh heh heh.

this pic is for display only aaa.

so he comes

I saw him went into the class, looking at his desk and of course, my notes! He went to my desk and put them under my desk. Alaaaa..*me sigh* I really wish he could pass them to me by hand. hoho gedik! After the bell rang, students were in class and so do teachers. I went to my desk as usual. Sitting and talking to my classmate who sits next to me. And suddenly he said to me, "I put your notes under your table" and I pretend I kinda forgot about the notes. "Ooo..thanx XXXX". *walaweh..he talked to me!* be continued..

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